DC moves to resolve Area 25 illegal structures demolition issue


District Commissioner for Lilongwe, Lawford Palani, has assured the people of Area 25 in Traditional Authority Chitukula in the district that the council is committed to resolving an issue relating to demands by communities for the council to demolish structures constructed within a graveyard .

Area 25 block leaders and their subjects wanted to hold vigils on February 21, 2024 at Lilongwe Civic Offices to express their disappointment with some business people who are constructing shops within the grave yard.

Palani said Lilongwe District and City Councils are working around the clock to resolve the issue amicably by following the rule of law.

“Resorting to holding vigils will not do us good. I want to assure you that we are working tirelessly and following the Law to resolve this issue amicably. We will take action very soon and your concerns will be addressed,” said Palani.

Lilongwe City Council Director of Planning, Hilary Kamela said the council has now lifted the injunction that was restraining their office to demolish the illegal structures.

“It has been a long journey, but we are committed to enforce the law by demolishing all the structures that were constructed illegally. Our hands were tied-up due to the injunction that was there, but now we are free to enforce the law,” he said.

However, Kamala expressed disappointment by some business people who are failing to understand that any building structure in the city and even in the district set-up has to follow the development plans of the council.

“Let us change our mind-set, it is against our cultural values to construct structures within a grave yard. Once buildings have been demolished by the council, that should be a strong message to intelligent people,” he said.

Speaking in an interview on condition of anonymity, one of the block leaders expressed satisfaction with the resolution meeting and promised to maintain peace and order in the area as they are waiting for the demolition of the illegal shops.

Reported by Andrew Mkonda