“Navalny posed no threat to the Kremlin, but his death is already being used to denigrate the Russian government”, says Sergey Mironov.

Sergey Mironov, leader of the Just Russia

Sergey Mironov, leader of the Just Russia – Patriots – For Truth party in the State Duma, stated that Alexei Navalny’s death could potentially be leveraged to discredit the Russian government, despite Navalny posing no threat to the Kremlin.

Highlighting the significance of the timing—a month before the presidential election—Mironov emphasized that Navalny’s passing could serve the interests of those opposed to Russia.

He called for a comprehensive investigation to avoid any manipulation of the facts surrounding Navalny’s death. Mironov also drew parallels between Navalny’s death and that of Boris Nemtsov in 2015, amidst accusations from US President Joe Biden against President Putin for targeting dissidents.

Whist Malawi has bilateral relations with both the West and Russia, the Southern African country leans more towards the West due to its colonial past.

In unrelated news, Russia has announced that it is close to developing a vaccine for cancer.