Sex worker laments over unfixed price of their business

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A veteran sex worker who has been in the business for over 6 years has cried foul over unfixed prices of their service, as they charge K1000 for a short time.

Contemplating on the downfall of the national currency leading to an economic instability, K1000 can not sustain someone’s life.

A 36-year-old sex worker lamented on how the business has flopped for the past two years.

She explained that she was doing better while in Zomba where she started her business at a bar called Basiyawo in 2017, before moving to Lilongwe Kaliyeka last year.

“I was once married but due to unexplainable reasons I was divorced while having two kids. I ventured into this business to secure and facilitate basic necessities for my children,” she said.

The sex worker has described her Lilongwe clients as ruthless, as she has various scars around her body brought by ruthless customers due to misunderstandings.

Sometimes a day passes by without any single customer and she ends up being a (mwerazi), meaning drinking for others to alleviate stress over lack customers.

The sex worker emphasized that she can quit the business if she can encounter a serious man.

“Although I do this but I would never want my daughter to go through what I go through in this business,” she added.

Meanwhile, the sex worker said the K1000 price is charged as demand is low and the supply is high.