DPP MPs say blocking them from Parliament is wrong


Some Members of Parliament from the Opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) say they are concerned with what the Speaker of Parliament is doing by blocking them from Parliament.

The members were blocked yesterday from entering into the parliament premises after they were suspended for two days by the Speaker of Parliament.

Speaking to Malawi24, Member of Parliament for Phalombe North East Dennis Namachekecha said it is worrisome that they are being denied to go into the August House to represent their people.

According to Namachekecha, it is the first time in the history of Malawi where the Speaker is recognising a leader of opposition who was rejected by the main opposition party.

Namachekecha continued to say that the leader of opposition is the one elected by the main opposition party and in this case Mary Navicha is their leader of opposition and the Speaker need to recognise her and not Nankhumwa.

“The leadership of DPP under Peter Mutharika chose Mary Navicha to be the Leader of Opposition. She was supposed to be recognized as such. There was no such a thing as injunction because parliament is supposed to be independent.

So, today we have just realised that we have been blocked. This is not on, we are here to represent our people, our people are suffering, people from Mauzi, people from Swang’oma. It is very unfortunate that we have been blocked from entering into parliament,” said Namachekecha.

Commenting on the same, Member of Parliament for Mangochi South West Shadric Namalomba said what the Speaker is doing is not on and as DPP members they are very concerned with the conduct of the the Speaker.

Speaking in the August House, independent member of Parliament for Rumphi East Kamlepo Kalua said the Speaker of Parliament is ignoring the standing orders of Parliament.

According to Kalua, parliament is an independent entity and it has a mandate to deliberate the proceedings without court interference.

Concurring with Kalua, UDF Member of Parliament for Machinga North East Ajiru Kalitendere said what is happening in parliament it’s not good as members are debating without full members of opposition.

“We are deliberating in Parliament without Members of Opposition which is not good because Malawians out there are suffering, there is hunger, people need medicine in hospitals. So, I was requesting on both sides, Government and opposition, to say those people who are clinging on power, it’s not good for the nation. These are small things because people outside don’t need these positions, they need our services,” said Kalitendere.