President Chakwera  outlines current Malawi political landscape

President Lazarus Chakwera called upon all politicians who want to join the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) to do so, saying the party’s door is open and everyone will be accommodated.

As President Lazarus Chakwera continues to defy his own established economic austerity measures by travelling, this time around while he was inspecting development projects in Lilongwe , he found it necessary to  bemoan the hostile Malawi political landscape.  

Firstly, President Chakwera has described Malawi politics as ‘Ndale za maphokoso’ to which he claims that he does not subscribe. Ndale zamaphokoso literally means politics of making unnecessary noise.

Truth must be told, how does President Chakwera expect his people to remain silent when prices of goods and services have skyrocketed under his leadership.

How can disgruntled and jobless voters keep quiet after President Chakwera had promised them jobs?

For sure a disappointed voter cannot stay mute and will indeed continue to make noise over Chakwera’s empty campaign promises.

Secondly, President Chakwera  labelled Malawi politics as ‘ndale zotukwanizana ndi kunyozana’ which literally means politics of castigating each other or ‘ndale zogwebana’. He also distanced himself from such politics.

However, just before President Chakwera ascended to power, a leaked audio asserted that he was conniving with Timothy Mtambo to castigate the then Peter Mutharika regime. Indeed they managed to incite Malawians to revolt against the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) regime by staging violent nationwide demonstrations.

Thirdly, President Chakwera rebuked the tendency of Malawians who do not appreciate whatever someone does but they are quick to do so after one’s demise. Again, President Chakwera claims that he does not practise such hypocritical politics.

The truth  of the matter is that Malawians are good at discerning good from bad. In fact, Malawians appreciate  the infrastructural developments Chakwera government is distributing across the country.

Unfortunately, there are more criticisms than praises for Chakwera regime’s because it is not delivering in almost all public sectors.

No sane mind can praise President Chakwera for mismanaging our once-stable economy.

Who can praise His Excellency the State President Reverend Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera for leading the country which is riddled with rampant corruption, nepotism and selective justice?

Fourthly, President Chakwera condemned the politics of ‘ kusekererana pamaso pamene mwabisa mpeni wakuthwa ku mphasa’.

This vernacular adage simply means stabbing someone in the back. President condemns some politicians who look trustworthy on the face yet they conspire to perform diabolical actions behind one’s back.

For sure, Chakwera’s flowery speech betrays himself. Listening  to Chakwera’s speech, one is convinced that he will walk the talk. However, there is usually nothing on the ground to substantiate his flowery speeches.

In fact, there is something sinister behind the smiling and oratory skills of President Chakwera. He says one thing and the next move is usually totally different .

Fifthly, President further rebuked ‘Ndale zoyambanitsa anthu’.  This is the kind of politics whereby politicians deliberately sow seeds of discord between other amicable politicians.

President Chakwera cited an example of his relationship with his vice President Saulos Chilima in which many people allegedly  pushed them into the corner for  a political bout.

The truth  of the matter is that no-one has ever destabilized Chakwera-Chilima relationship. Chilima and Chakwera themselves  deliberately chose to keep  their agreement secret.

It is mindboggling that President Chakwera now chooses to accuse others of poking their noses in their secret affair just because they now  both harbour different political ideologies.

It was President Chakwera who withdrew delegatory duties  from his Vice President Chilima. No one else did. It was Vice President Saulos Chilima who implicitly pleaded guilty to bribery charges by insinuating presidential immunity should be removed from President Chakwera. Every one is just watching this cold war.

President Chakwera finally outlined his three visionary action plans: servant leadership, infrastructural developments and working together with all Malawians.

About infrastructural developments, does the action of renaming Phalombe District  Hospital to John Chilembwe Hospital  entail a formidable development?

Is President Chakwera working together with all Malawians?  Why is there rampant nepotism under his regime? Why are a few individuals  amassing massive wealth while many Malawians are grappling with abject poverty?

Where is servant leadership when President Chakwera blows millions of Kwachas for frequent international and domestic trips while citizens are wallowing in abject poverty?

In conclusion, much as we thank President Chakwera for coming out in the open to condemn the atrocious mindset of many politicians, we implore him to walk the talk.

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