Some Malawian farm workers say they are happy in Israel

Some Malawian farm works say they are happy in Israel

Some Malawians who are working farms in Israel say they are happy and are receiving their monthly salaries directly into their personal accounts and not through their agents.

Speaking to Malawi24, one of the workers in Israel Brenda Symon who went to Israel through Arava Farmers Agency said the situation is good and they are receiving their monthly payment direct from their bosses and not through the agent.

According to Symon, they have good accommodation, good bosses and good work mates and the agency is always there for them.

“The situation in Israel is  good. As you know, it is farm work which sometimes is hard and sometimes is good. For safety, we are 100% safe and the environment is also good,” said Symon.

She then urged other people who want to go and work in Israel to stop listening to what some people are saying as the situation in Israel is good and they are making a lot of money.

“Those who are willing to come here should do so, many of farmers need people. If they come here, their lives  will never be the same  and they  should  stop listening to rumours. Here we are fine and good. My family will never be the same in 5 months coming,” said Symon.

In his remarks, Arava Farmers Agency Director Justice Kangulu said the workers under his agency are indeed receiving their salaries directly into their personal accounts.

He advised the people who are interested to go in Israel and work to keep in mind that they are going to work at a farm and the expectation should be in those lines not anything fancy.

“These are modern farms so it’s not like what they are used here in Malawi but the point is that these are agricultural jobs,” he said.

According to Kangulu, his agency hires Malawian in the age range of 23-25 and who have  a valid passport with at least with 4 years to expiry.

Malawi has so far sent over 400 young people to Israel but some of the workers have been complaining that agents are holding their salaries. The workers said earlier this month that they only received 10 percent of their salaries while the rest of the money was in the hands of agents.

Reports indicate that some of the farm workers have since escaped from the farms in order to claim asylum and find other jobs.

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