Zambezi Evangelical Church ushers in new National Youth Executive

Zambezi Evangelical Church (ZEC) Mitsidi Synod has a new national youth  executive committee  following term expiry of the term for the old executive.

Speaking with Malawi24, the newly appointed National Youth Coordinator Graycian Chitekwe who is also a resident pastor of Gulliver Zambezi Evangelical church in Lilongwe said the newly appointed National Executive Committee (NEC) will work on the vision of equipping the youths spiritually and a whole and  believes the team understand the needs of youths.

“This NEC is a team that understands the needs of youths  and will be presenting a gospel that is relevant and meaningful to young people today, it is here to build youth that will carry on  the mission of Jesus Christ and ZEC forward,” Chitekwe explained.

In his words, newly appointed National youth Executive committee Chairperson  Joseph Faind’ Phambala  said  he is geared to work towards the common goal with the  believe and trust to hold the national position of chairmanship.

“We will continue from the previous actions and  developments that I learnt in how the previous committees have been operating sampling the best out of the rest to make Zambezi  youths proactive in its actions for the next given 5 year term” Phambala said.

“My big mission will be to nature youths, to look at the spiritual life of youths from the local group and beyond build him/ her to a reliable citizen in the country”  he added.

The executive committee   has seen, Benson Gunya as the vice Chairperson, Richard Seleman as Secretary, Topson Carlos  being appointed as Treasurer and Andy Manyowa,  Milliam Khoza , Zach Jezman and  James Zalira as operations Desks and event Organizers respectively.

The National youth coordinator has also appointed Department  coordinators to operate within its mandate.

In August 2023, Zambezi Evangelical Church (ZEC) Mitsidi Synod conducted synod Elections where Reverend Robert Yanduya was elected as the General secretary marking another  half decade of synod office term, ZEC among others departments  has a youth department called Fellowship of Youths (FOY) where youths activities like Bible study, music, sports and several other articles are done.