School Days hits one million views on YouTube

School Days is a film produced in Malawi that took the country by storm.

School Days has become the first Malawian movie to hit one million views on YouTube, three weeks after it was posted on the video sharing platform.

The feature film, produced by 4Kaya films, was first premiered in 2023 but was posted on YouTube on 30 December, 2023.

In the movie set a at a boarding secondary, Phwedo  and his fellow Form Four students are notorious for bullying Form One students. The bullying eventually causes to the death of Mphatso,  a bright student at the school.

After it was posted on YouTube, the movie started getting attention from Malawians who fell in love with its story line. In the first weeks of January, School Days was the hot topic of discussions on various social media platform.

Its stars such as Tumpe Mtaya (who played Phwedo), Tchanjaya Mangulenje, Yvonne Chanache and Desiree Namachotsa have also gained popularity and have received various gifts including money, land and phones from various people.

4Kaya Films production manager Daudi Shaibu told the local media Malawi earlier this month that the they uploaded the movie on YouTube to give many Malawians an opportunity to watch it.

“We also want our viewers to appreciate the stories and lessons conveyed therein. During our time in school, teasing and bullying was part of the school culture and now we still have pockets of those,” he said.

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