Dotolo rejects Med Cee  in Mabilinganya Empire

MED C is a Malawian dancehall musician

There are misunderstandings in Mabilinganya Empire as one of the members Dotolo has rejected Med C, saying fellow Mabilinganya member Major Star signed Med Cee to be part of the crew without the approval of some members of the empire.

Dotolo who remains relevant in sustaining the group by  releasing various songs, juggling business errands under the brand name of Mabilinganya and also organising annually Mafunyeta aka Maluri Memorial Show, has denied the signing of Med Cee.

“I don’t Know Med Cee, we have never even met before. I was surprised after receiving a number of calls from our fans asking about the development of the said artist,” said Dotolo.

However,  the artwork of the newly released song by Med Cee titled Maluri indicates the logo of Mabilinganya Empire which signifies the artist is under Empire’s label.

“Doing a song praising late Mafunyeta who was the founder of Mabilinganya Empire doesn’t recognize any one to be part of the crew, we have procedures to follow,” said Dotolo who is the most active member of the group.

Currently, the group is comprised of eight members namely; Kago, Tamunyata, Don Gogo, Dotolyo, Scola, Jay Jay cee, Mlakho and Major star.

However, the Malawian artist based in South Africa who is also a member of the group, Major Star, emphasized that Med Cee is now a new member of Mabilinganya whether someone from the group likes it or not because he had already communicated with a fellow, Don Gogo formerly known as Mady P and agreed towards the development.

“Using the same procedure I managed to rope in some former members like Malinga Mafia, Macedonia and Maovololo. The same applies to Dotolo, he roped in Scolla Fella whilst Jay Jay Cee and Kago were brought in by Don Gogo,” said Major Star.

It seems their terms of agreement do not rely on paper, rather they are based on a verbal note.

Lack of communication and disorganization in the group the matter has made the matter go beyond control.

Currently, the leader of the empire is not yet known. After the passing of Mafunyeta eventually, Don Gogo took the lead of the Mabilinganya Empire before he resigned from the position.

Major Star claims to be founder whilst on the other hand, Dotolo positioned himself as a Finance and Discipline manager.

The two have been jostling for prominence on social media, particularly on Facebook.

Med C refused to comment on the matter. However, his recent post on Facebook includes the slogan of Mabilinganya- Mabili Mabili Mabili.

Dotolo concluded that Mabilinganya has not yet signed any new artist. Tamunyata Greg, one of the members will be releasing his solo project on 29th January, 2024.

“Our fans should also know that Campseen Music and Mabilinganya Empire have joined forces to push Med C to higher levels because he has potential to revitalize Mabilinganya as Jay Jay Cee did in the past years ago,” Major Star concluded.