2025 elections hots up: Malawians open their eyes

As we approach the 2025 tripartite elections, Members of Parliament and councilors who have been notably inactive in terms of development over the past three years in their constituencies and wards, are now emerging.

Their intention is to deceive by implementing temporary developments, aiming to secure votes from innocent people.

However, patriotic citizens, vigilant and aware, cannot be easily tricked. With the commencement of the 2025 tripartite election campaigns on the horizon, candidates are actively trying to entice voters.

Shadow Member of Parliament and Councillors are also competing with incumbents in offering support and implementing development projects.

Observations indicate that Richard Banda, the current mayor of Lilongwe City, is locked in a fierce battle with the incumbent, Ulemu Msungama, MP of Lilongwe City South East. The competition extends to seeking prominence at funerals and responding to emergencies in the area.

Both Banda and Msungama have recently purchased vehicles which are being used to provide free services to residents day and night, in a bid to outdo each other.

In Ndirande, Gray Sangala, a medical practitioner, is emerging as a significant challenger to the incumbent MP, Chipiliro Mpinganjira.

“It’s a race, and anything can happen, but I am confident of success,” Sangala stated.

Ndirande, the business hub of Blantyre, is also a pivotal area in Malawian politics.

Mpinganjira, the son of renowned Malawian politician Brown Mpinganjira, remains undaunted by the competition.

“I have developed the area across various sectors, including constructing bridges, boreholes, and school blocks,” Mpinganjira claimed.

By Manson Msukwa, Contributor