Salima Sugar Company to participate at Doha Expo in Qatar

Charles Thupi of Salima Sugar Malawi

Salima Sugar Company Limited will be participating in Malawi National Event Day planned to take place on 7th February at Doha Expo in Qatar.

Company Secretary Charles Thupi says they are excited to participate in Doha Expo during Malawi national event day because they will be marketing their products at a high-level market with an expectation of getting lucrative deals for their products as well as marketing Malawi as a country.

“I believe that participating at this event is very important to us as a country because we will be showcasing our products, especially the newly introduced brigades which are made from sugar by products and they are environmentally friendly to help in reducing effects of environmental degradation,” said Thupi.

“We will be carrying our Salima Sugar which we intend to sell there and at the same time looking forward to having some trade and investments discussions with investors in Qatar with an aim of wooing them to invest in our country,” said Thipa.

In his remarks, the Chief Executive Officer for Malawi Investment Trade Centre, Paul Kwengere said Malawi has been invited by the Government of the state of Qatar to hold a Malawi National Day event at Doha Expo in order to showcase Malawi’s products and have trade and investments meetings.

“Yes, Malawi has been invited to participate in Doha Expo and the nation has been given a special day to showcase its products, services as well as hold business to business meetings with different investors,” said Kwengwere.

Kwengwere further said Malawi Government through MITC will mount pavilions to showcase its products and services to the world and an International Bazaar to sell its products.

“Malawi National Day event is very important to Malawian business people as Middle East has high net incomes and a big importer of food which gives Malawi a comparative advantage for generation of foreign exchange through exports trade and foreign direct investment,” said Kwengwere.

Some organizations who have confirmed participation are Salima Sugar Company, Maleta Gems and Jewelry, North East Foods.

Malawi Investment and Trade Centre (MITC) is coordinating Malawi’s participation at the on-going Expo 2023 Doha which started on October 2, 2023.

The Expo which is running under the theme “Green Desert, Better Environment” will take 179 days and it will end on 29th March 2024.