DPP denies kicking Nankhumwa out of party

Kondwani Nankhumwa Malawi

The opposition Democratic Progressive Party has denied reports that it has expelled leader of opposition in parliament Kondwani Nankhumwa and three others from the party.

Nankhumwa, Zomba Chisi legislator Mark Bottomani and former National Director of Women in the Party Cecilia Chazama appeared before the party’s disciplinary committee on Thursday. Former party Secretary General Grezelder Jeffrey was also expected to appear before the committee.

This morning, a statement purportedly signed by party spokesperson, Shadric Namalomba said the committee has recommended that the four should be expelled.

An excerpt of the statement reads:

”Their expulsion from the party is a direct consequence of their misconduct and indiscretion, which has been deemed detrimental to the values and principles of the Democratic Progressive Party.

”The committee findings revealed a clear violation of the party’s code of conduct, resulting in the unanimous decision to expel them from the DPP,” the statement adds.

However, the DPP through its Facebook page has described the statement as fake.

“Ignore this fake and propaganda statement,” the party says.

Nankhumwa has been leading a faction in the DPP which has been pushing the party to hold a convention.

Last month, the Nankhumwa faction met in Lilongwe and set 6 December as the date of the convention.

This angered the main camp led by party president Peter Mutharika who removed Nankhumwa from the position of DPP vice president for the South and appointed him as presidential advisor.