Man arrested for selling fake fertilizer

Police at Lingadzi in Lilongwe have arrested a 65-year-old man, Cassim Kamwana, for being found in possession of 11 bags of fake fertilizer which he was selling at K70,000 per bag.

Public Relations Officer for Lingadzi Police Station Sub Inspector Salomy Zgambo has confirmed to Malawi24 the arrest of 65-year-old Cassim Kamwana.

Sub Inspector Zgambo has said that Kamwana was arrested on  December 23, 2023 in Mtandile.

She said that the matter was reported by one of duped customers who  went to Mtandile Market to buy NPK fertilizer which he wanted to apply at his maize field in  Mchinji.

He then met  Cassim Kamwana at his shop where he loaded four bags of alleged NPK fertilizer which were being sold at K70,000 per bag.

The following morning the complainant loaded his alleged NPK bags of fertilizer off to Mchinji to serve its intended purpose. When he arrived, the bags were handed over to his workers who opened the bags and started applying.

The customer later became suspicious with the size and color of the alleged NPK fertilizer in the fourth bag and after having a good look he discovered that it was not fertilizer but Soil particles.

This prompted the workers to stop applying the materials and instead the customer loaded the bags again in his vehicle back to Mtandire.

When arrived at the shop, he confronted the suspect who confessed that it was not fertilizer but rather soil particles from the river which he used to produce the alleged NPK fertilizer.

The customer found other bags that were displayed there and discovered that they were all loaded with dried soil particles and  not the real fertilizer.

The matter was immediately reported to Lingadzi police formation and arrested the suspect in mention.

This was followed by a search at his house situated at Chatata where 11 more bags were found with the same dried soil particles. A man-made ceaver which  he was using to grade the alleged NPK fertilizer was also found and confiscated.

Meanwhile, Lingadzi Police is advising people to avoid buying fertilizer from unknown sources and to be cautious on price. It is also encouraging and urging people to report to police anyone whom they suspect to be selling counterfeit fertilizer.

Cassim Kamwana,  hails from Chithumba village in Traditional Authority Liwonde in Machinga.