FUM asks suppliers to deliver legitimate products

Farmers Union of Malawi

Farmers Union of Malawi (FUM) has asked suppliers in the organisation’s Multisectoral Nutrition project to deliver legitimate products and services they promised during bidding process.

The remarks were made by FUM Head of Procurement, Rudolph Binga, during the Integrated Nutrition Program review meeting with the suppliers in Blantyre.

It was disclosed during the meeting with officials from Blantyre district as well as City Council that some suppliers are so lucrative during the bidding process but leave a lot to be desired during implementation on the ground.

“In the submission of required documents, they submit lucrative documents, so you go through the process and select them, after selecting them in terms of execution and delivery it becomes a challenge to the extent that others fail to deliver as required, and they deviate from delivery standards”, said Binga

In his remarks, one of the suppliers, Ronald Kamatenda who is Managing Director for CK Investment, encouraged organisations not to rely on paperwork only but they should be visiting on the ground to see if farmers and suppliers have the capacity to deliver what they have promised before giving them businesses.

Meanwhile, the Multisectoral Nutrition project is being implemented by FUM is funded by UNICEF and KFW.