Niger Accuses France of Backing Terrorism

Nigerien President General Abdourahamane

Niger’s interim leader, General Abdourahamane Tiani, has accused France of supporting terrorism in the country. Tiani, who assumed leadership following the ousting of Mohamed Bazoum for corruption, bad governance, and poor leadership, boldly pointed fingers at France during a recent interview.

Countries within the region had long speculated about France’s involvement in destabilizing the region.

Tiani made these explosive claims during a recent interview, where he labeled France’s alleged involvement as a contributing factor to the worsening terrorism situation in Niger. This accusation adds a new dimension to the ongoing debate about the role of foreign powers, especially the former colonial masters, in the security dynamics of the Sahel region.

In his interviews, Tiani boldly associates France with the fuelling of terrorism in Niger, challenging the narrative that has been previously dismissed by some as mere propaganda.

The interim president not only implicates France in supporting terrorism but also highlights the impact of this alleged interference on the national dialogue and the country’s fight against extremism. Niger’s neighbouring country, Burkina Faso, has also been battling terrorist within its borders.