TUM calls for increased funding for public schools

Teachers Malawi

Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM) with support from Educational International (EI) yesterday launched a campaign called  Go Public! Fund Education, which is an urgent plea for government to increase funding for public education and to focus more on teachers who are a crucial component of a high-quality education.

Speaking after launching the campaign, Deputy Minister of Education Nancy Chaola Mdooko said investing in education is paramount and education is a vehicle which can empower individuals, communities and nations to break the chains of poverty, ignorance and inequality.

“Each one of us here should realize that this investment is not a mere expenditure but an investment in our collective future, a testament to our commitment to equality, empowerment, and progress. It is a pledge to leave no child behind, irrespective of their background, gender location, or socio-economic status,” said Mdooko.

Mdooko also noted that there is need to invest in teachers as they are bedrock upon which the office of quality education stands.

“The dedication, skills, and passion they bring into classrooms every day transcend good instruction; they shape minds, inspire aspirations, and mould future leaders.  We must empower our educators with the necessary resources, support, and recognition they rightfully deserve. It is time to invest in their continuous professional development, offer fair competition, and create an enabling environment that fosters innovation and excellence in teaching,” said Mdooko.

Conquering with the Minister, TUM President Willie Malimba highlighted the significance of the campaign and described it as a pivotal moment in securing the future of Education in Malawi and globally.

“Every child deserves to be in a right education environment under well-trained teachers, and this training is here to ensure the same,” he said.

In his remarks, Charles Kumchenga Secretary General for TUM said as teachers they want Government to increase their salaries by not less than 44 percent and this is because of recent devaluation of Kwacha.

He also demanded Government to construct teachers’ houses because shortage of teachers houses it’s a very big problem in the country.

“Shortage of teachers Houses it’s a very big problem because we have seen a lot of teachers traveling long distances, in urban schools you can find a school but there is no house so it means the problem is so big. Even in rural areas, you will find a lot of teachers traveling long distances renting somewhere just because the school do not have enough houses,”

“Some of the houses are very bad, they are in bad condition and there is no way a teacher can stay in such a house. So, we are just requesting the Government to renovate those houses so that teachers can be accommodated in those houses,” said Kumchenga.