DPP’s Kwelepeta sent out of Parliament

Grace Kwelepeta

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Member of Parliament for Zomba Malosa constituency Grace Kwelepeta has beean sent out of Parliament after demanding Malawi Government to pay a contractor who is constructing a hospital in her constituency.

Kwelepeta has been sent out by the first deputy speaker Madalitso Kazombo using standing order 105.

She stood up to seek clarification from government on payment for the contractor who is Building a community hospital in her constituency.

At this time, Kazombo was reading the provision and revisions for adoption by the house and Kwelepeta continuously shouted “Pay the contractor!! pay the contractor!!”

Kazombo called Sergeant at Arms to help Kwelepeta use the door.

Kazombo said: “Honorable members, this is not a classroom, I have come in good mood today, I will continue to be in good mood”.

By Mphatso Khutcha Richard