PAC applauds Chakwera for Kwacha devaluation decision, roads infrastructure

Construction works at Lilongwe Bridge

The Public Affairs Committee (PAC) has commended president Lazarus Chakwera for making what it has described as a tough decision to devalue the Malawian Kwacha, saying this will steer the country in the right direction.

Members of PAC, a religious body composed of clergy from various denominations, met President Chakwera at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe last Tuesday November 28, 2028 where they discussed on topical issues touching on leadership, governance and other issues of national importance.

During the meeting, PAC through its leader of Delegation Monsignor Patrick Thawale who is also the committee’s Chairperson, hailed Chakwera for the decision to devalue the Malawi currency by 44 percent in November this year which he said will accelerate economic stabilization and growth.

“Previous governments in Malawi have devalued the Malawi Kwacha. So, for us we do not condemn devaluation as such. We are aware that the popular view is that by devaluing Malawi’s currency, this country makes its money cheaper and boosts exports, rendering them more competitive in the global market.

“As such, Your Excellency, Governments use devaluation to combat a trade imbalance and have exports exceed imports. We congratulate Your Excellency for making such a bold decision following negotiation with International Monetary Fund (IMF),” Thawale commended Chakwera.

Thawale further said PAC is also commending the president for the road infrastructure development projects currently taking place across the country and said his commitment proves he is the right leader Malawi has been lacking.

“We have seen road infrastructure being constructed – demonstrating your commitment to the completion of the unfinished roads. Your political posture and eloquence qualify you for leadership in the highest office. Your level of tolerance is magnificent since you took office,” he added.

Furthermore, the committee says President Chakwera should also be hailed for his open-mindedness and willingness to consider diverse perspectives, noting the President’s commendable demeanor in handling challenging issues discussed during the meeting.