45 arrested for violence during Kalindo-led demonstrations

Mangochi Malawi Protests

Police in Mangochi district have arrested 45 people on allegations that they committed various offences during and after demonstrations which ‘Malawi First’ organized by Bon Kalindo on November 30, 2023 in Mangochi.

It is reported that on the said date the procession started from Mpondasi Trading Centre to the District Commissioner’s Office where petition was delivered.

Some during and after the demonstrations went on rampage and pelted stones on police officers, police motor vehicles and set ablaze sign posts Tnm and Airtel kiosks which were along the road.

Mangochi Police Station Publicist Amina Tepani Daudi said that  the haphazard rioters after petition presentation instead of returning home peacefully went further and invaded into the District Education offices where they started pelting stones to the office blocks and damaged 18 window glasses.

She added that they also smashed 10 motor vehicles which were parked within the premises belonging to government sectors and individuals respectively. The exact value of the damaged properties has not been assessed.

“In the process, police swiftly managed to apprehend the 45 people and investigations are still underway to arrest more suspects,” she explained.

They have since been charged with malicious damage and inciting violence, and will appear before court soon.

Police in the district therefore strongly warn the perpetrators that they will be tracked down and face the big arm of the law accordingly.