Malawi-Israel ‘Human Trafficking’ Dubious Deal: Government Trades Tobacco for Youths in Questionable Israel Pact – A Whopping US$180 Million or A Priceless Mistake?”

Young Malawians

In a move sparking widespread condemnation and raising eyebrows, the Malawi Government has seemingly prioritized profit over plight and the dignity of Malawians.

Government asserts that exporting young Malawians to Israel, a move condemned by critics as akin to human trafficking, has the potential of surpassing tobacco farming in terms of profitability. This controversial agreement, according to Eisenhower Mkaka, the ruling Malawi Congress Party secretary general, is anticipated to yield over US$180 million (exceeding 350 billion Malawi Kwacha) in foreign exchange earnings.

“These people will be getting at least $1,500 a month and this will be sent to their accounts here in Malawi (in $) as per agreement. For 5,000 youths (there is a possibility the figure might go up to 10,000) that’s no less than $90, 000, 000 ($180,000,000 if 10,000 are sent) direct dollar injection into the economy annually for five years,” said Mkaka.

He bragged that Malawi is the only country picked by Israel and other countries have been begging Israel to include them.

“Let’s look at this positively and applaud HE (President Lazarus Chakwera) for the bold move taking advantage of withdrawal of its human resource from Israel by Thailand,” said Mkaka.

However, critics are blasting the administration for what they call a ‘reckless gamble,’ and an ethical blunder.

“North Korean style of paying individuals through government. I fear with the culture of corruption, the farm workers might get their sweat solen by the politicians,” said one person on X.

Others argued that there is a risk that the young Malawians may be harmed since Israel is at war with Palestine, the same reason Thailand pulled out its farm workers out of Israel.

Another person on Facebook said: “Remember that the Thai people who also happen to work in these farms have been killed by the Hamas and Many have freed the country, now you guys no to think of this, you’re sending poor Malawians to this risk work, we should not focus only on the knowledge that will be invested in them and the dollars that Will come here but we should focus on precious life God gave them.”