Malawians asked not to buy juvenile fish


The Department of Fisheries has asked Malawians to stop buying juvenile Chambo in order to protect fish in Lake Malawi and discourage illegal fishing practices.

This comes as Refresh Project- Pact Malawi has unveiled a new billboards in Lilongwe City Centre, in a bid to create awareness against purchase of juvenile fish.

“The Department of Fisheries supports this initiative and encourages the consumers to not buy Juvenile Chambo, locally known as Kasawala. Let’s discourage the use of illegal fishing practices in our waters,” said the department.

The Refresh project is expected to reach other cities such as Blantyre, Zomba Mzuzu and it’s aim is to spread awareness against harmful purchase of juvenile fish.

The project also seeks to communicate sustainable fishing practices and through the project, Beach Village Committees are encouraged to implement mechanisms that sustain their operations and carry out effective ecosystem -based fisheries management.