Chilima is the reason Chakwera won – Kalindo

Bon Kalindo, Malawi's outspoken activist and opposition politician

Activist Bon Kalindo has made a stinging claim that without vice president Saulos Chilima, President Lazarus Chakwera would not have won the 2020 presidential elections.

Kalindo made the remarks on Saturday evening, 2nd September, 2023 when he was invited for a special program with Zodiak Broadcasting Station, days after his arrest.

Kalindo popular by his stage name ‘Winiko’, revealed that he will die a happy man because he is one of the politicians who were behind the successful formation of the United Transformation Movement (UTM).

He was, however, so quick to mention that he left the party because he felt UTM had gone astray by being a member of Tonse Alliance up to date which he labelled as a “bad system”.

The son of Mulanje was of the view that if Chilima can break from the Tonse Alliance, the will be able to implement what he promised Malawians

According to Kalindo, he can comfortably return to the UTM party if Chilima leaves the alliance.

Kalindo who said does not talk with the Malawi vice president, also mentioned that Chilima is the one who helped Chakwera to become the Malawi president.

“If Chilima can break from Tonse Alliance today, the next morning you will interview me, I can return to UTM. Chilima and I don’t talk, why should we be talking but he is my brother. Whether one likes it or not, hate him or not, he is the one who helped Chakwera to become the Malawi president.

“He was the light for Malawians but he is now part of the bad system, I cannot be with him. I have been advising him before I left UTM that time to break is now and I have used the same English so that wherever he is, he should remember what I told him,” said Kalindo.

He has also condemned politicians who get into government courtesy of lies which they make during campaign period and further suggested that white people should recolonize Malawi because the country seems to be fatherless.

“Politicians were supposed to be helping poor people, so you can’t be called a politician when people are suffering. I don’t find a reason for me to contest as a member of parliament (MP) yet Malawians continue to suffer. It is better white people should recolonize Malawi again so that everyone should start doing what pleases him/her. Malawi is a country which was supposed to be sold or be shared apart as it happens with children soon after the death of their parents,” he added.

Kalindo further faulted president Chakwera for ‘arresting him’ yet he campaigned for Chakwera’s success during the 2020 fresh elections and labelled his recent arrest as politically motivated aimed at foiling his demonstrations.

Kalindo was arrested last week after he mobilized Malawians to protest against the Chakwera administration.