Zomba Social Welfare Office concerned with irresponsible use of digital technology

People in Zomba Malawi

District Social Welfare Office in Zomba says there is need to raise public awareness on laws relating to digital technology to protect children against irresponsible use of technology.

District Social Welfare Officer for Zomba, Christopher Ndaona made the remarks at Sunuzi School at Traditional Authority Ngwelero in the district during Day of the African Child commemoration which was organised by Future Vision lnternational Ministries under the theme; ‘the rights of the child in the digital environment’ ‘

Ndaona said that it’s difficult for a person to abide by laws if that person doesn’t know and understand the law.

As such, Ndaona said his office and partners should carry out series of awareness campaigns on laws against cyber crime plus responsible use of internet.

The Social Welfare Office noted that cycle crimes are common yet people have minimal knowledge on cyber crime and it’s effects on users.

Ndaona therefore suggested that there was need to reach out to children in children corners and youth clubs to make them understand laws on cyber crime.

“It’s true that if a person doesn’t understand the law on cyber crime it becomes difficult for that person to abide by the law,” he added.

The Social Welfare Officer therefore called on parents and guardians to monitor what their children watch and how they use the Internet and how long they stay on the internet.

Future Vision Ministries lnternational Country Director, Newton Sunday Sindo said it was important to raise awareness on responsible ways of using internet and other digital platforms to avoid a spoilt generation.

He noted that children and young people are grossly abusing modern digital technology and this was the reason most of them are exposed to pornographic materials which eventually affects their wellbeing.

Traditional Authority Ngwelero said his area has bylaws in place to check on those that show underage pornographic images.

He called on other organisations to hold Day of African Child commemorations saying this is the right moments to raise awareness on the effects of irresponsible use of modern digital technology.

Traditional Authority Ngwelero therefore hailed Future Vision Ministries lnternational for commemorating the Day of the African Children at Ngwelero for the benefit of the rural population.