Thieves abandon stolen goats in Mzimba


Nineteen goats suspected to have been stolen were found abandoned in the early hours of today at 9 miles along the M1 Road in Mzimba district.

A community member says the goats were abandoned at 9 Miles, a place between Embangweni and Mzuzu.

According to the community member, the thieves had stolen the goats during the night and were trying to bundle the goats in a car.

“It appears they had difficulties packing the goats and after dawn emerged, they decided to abandon the goats and fled,” the community members said.

Reports of theft of goats are on the rise in Mzimba districts.

Over the last two months, two suspects have been killed by community members at Rukulu near Ehehleni in the district over goat theft. communities also torched down two vehicles.

Last month, police arrested over thirty community members suspected to have been involved in the murder.