Women’s league sponsorship up

Malawi Football

The Football Association of Malawi (FAM) has raised sponsorship for the Women’s Football League from K60 million to K79 Million.

This has resulted in the increase of prizes at all levels, with this season’s National Championship winner set to walk away with K8 million from K3 million.

The runner-up and third placed teams’ prizes have been increased from K2 million to K4 million and K750,000 to K2 million, respectively.

At the regional level, the winner will get K4 million from K2 million while the runners-up and third placed teams will receive K1.5 million and K1 million from K1 million and K500,000, respectively.

Individual awards have been increased from K50,000 to K100,000 at the regional level and K100,000 to K200,000 at the national level.

FAM General Secretary Alfred Gunda said the development follows the successful discussions they had with the National Women’s Football Association (NWFA) on increasing the value and competitiveness of the leagues in support professionalization agenda .

“We are delighted that we have made progress in raising the prizes of the Leagues, and this will help to increase competition and support the development of the Women’s teams at all levels,” said Gunda.

NWFA chairperson Adelaide Magogo said the sponsorship increase was the most exciting news that Malawi Women’s football had been waiting for.

“Thanks to FAM for living up to the word of ‘Raising the Bar. Over 175 percent increase in the champions prize is a great commitment to the professionalism drive we embarked on.”

“This is a clear demonstration that FAM is serious about developing Women’s football in the country. The news will excite the teams, and as NWFA, we are looking forward to a new season,” she said.

Jomo Osman who owns Ntopwa, hailed for FAM for the increase saying:

“We are happy that the prizes have been increased as this will make us work hard to be in the paying ranks. We understand the difficult times we are living in. Businesses are not doing well. Companies are unwilling to sponsor Women’s football, but FAM is always with us and supporting Women’s football growth. This is very commendable,” he said.

Source: FAM