Council and CSOs worried over children’s access to pornography


Zomba District Council and partner organisations on child rights have expressed worry over children’s irresponsible use of smartphones which exposes them to pornographic images.

District Council Chairperson for Zomba, Councilor, William Muthipa, expressed the concern at Mbindi Primary School at Traditional Authority Mwambo during commemoration of Day of African Child which was held under the theme ‘ The rights of a child in the digital environment’

He observed that through social media platforms children are exposed to pornography and other life threatening things like drug abuse and alcohol.

Councilor Muthipa therefore called on parents and guardians to caution children against irresponsible use of smart phones and to monitor what they watch on televisions.

“Phones are beneficial when they’re used properly on education matters but they become a concern when the same phones becomes gadgets to access pornographic images,” he added.

Chairperson of Civil Society Organisations Network in Zomba, Nicholas Mwisama also observed that technology has a good side but at the same time it has a negative effects on the wellbeing of a child.

He said there is need for parents and guardians to monitor children use of smartphones, adding that technology has influenced drug use and alcohol consumption among children at the expense of child development.

In his remarks, District Social Welfare Officer for Zomba, Christopher Ndaona said children have rights but with limitations.

He said children ought to be responsible on the use of smart phones and what to watch on televisions.