Keturah mad at COSOMA

Keturah musician Malawi

Songbird Keturah popularly known as local girl has bashed the Copyright Society of Malawi (COSOMA), accusing the society of favouring some artists.

This is according to Keturah’s Sunday Facebook post where the ‘Khalidwe’ hit maker claimed that the society favours some people.

She also declared that she has unfinished business with COSOMA.

“COSOMA we have unfishined business. You will not favour those you want to favour. We work so hard for what we love and you’ll not downlook our efforts. Let other musicians bow but I’m going to voice out,” wrote Keturah on her Facebook page.

This is coming barely days after the Society through Arts SACCO, distributed over 400 million Kwacha to artists in mid year royalties.

The funds were collected from Blank Media Levy and TNM ringtones.

Meanwhile, there are mixed reactions on Keturah’s post with a certain section siding with the local girl while others say COSOMA did nothing wrong.

“We don’t know Kuti A COSOMA atani but Ngati Ili Nkhani yandalama let her sleep…..She no longer pushes her brand ,she pushes her relationship, if the relationship puts food on her table then why worry about COSOMA royalties.

“She was supposed to be Artist oti Nyimbo zake zilipokopoko ,Malawians gave her a chance but ma emotions mbwelekete….Ok apapa tidikire Kaye Nkhani Yonse,” wrote one Facebook user.

Musician Wikise also hit the comment section of Keturah’s post where he encouraged Keturah to exercise patience and perseverance.

“COSOMA ija yimafunika kuyidekhera do you know that in 2020 April nalandira 22pin yet I had Hit songs like CHIKAMPHULIKIRE, SHABARAKATAKALI uli NZINGATI GALAMUKANI zamuanthu and NG’WENG’WENG’WE ? Awa ndima major Hits anga, So calm down and watch them azakuzizimusa inetu pano mangozizimuka ma million,” commented Wikise.

Last year, some top musicians also accused COSOMA of being corrupt in its distribution of royalties saying the body rewards huge sums of money to undeserving figures in the industry.