Shabir Jussab wanted in Malawi over cyber-harassment

Shabir Jussab Malawi

A court in Limbe has issued a warrant of arrest for Shabir Jussab, a resident of Mandala Blantyre but who is currently in Saudi Arabia, following allegations that he cyber-harrassed the family of business tycoon Abdul Karim Batatawala.

Jussab is son in-law to Batatawala and it is alleged that during the months of July and August 2023, he sent several WhatsApp messages threatening to inflict injury to Batatawala and his family.

He was also reportedly making allegations against Batatawala

Reports indicate that Jussab left his wife in Malawi and travelled to Saudi Arabia with his son.

South West Region Police spokesperson Beatrice Mikuwa has told the local media that Police have already raised an Interpol alert to have Jussab arrested.

According to the order, Jussab faces three counts of cyber harassment and uttering offensive communication and cyber stalking, contrary to sections 86 (b), 87 and 88 of the Electronic and Cyber Security Act of 2016.

Update to this story:

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