Burying Greatness: Goodall Gondwe

Goodall Gondwe

In a few days, Malawi will be laying greatness to rest. If you have never experienced greatness, here is your chance to understand it. Goodall epitomized greatness in every aspect of life. The world has suffered a loss of monumental proportions. May God’s name be forever glorified.

As a son

Goodall was a remarkable son of the Kayiwonanga Clan. He defied poverty and pursued his life goals without excuses. This is one of the reasons he found himself at Dedza Secondary School, a time when only the brightest minds secured a place. His determination to overcome odds led him to the London School of Economics, where he excelled and earned a degree in economics.

As a professional

Goodall was an exceptional professional. He was not just an ordinary economist. His legacy will forever resonate, evident wherever he treaded in his lifetime. In the Malawi civil service, he ascended to the role of Secretary to the Treasury. In the realm of fiscal policy management, he became the General Manager of the Central Bank, the Reserve Bank of Malawi, responsible for economics. This happened at a time when few locals were in the economics field. Goodall did not become the Governor of the Central Bank due to reasons that will be told another day.

As an international civil servant

Goodall was a distinguished and legendary international civil servant, a legacy that will endure for eternity and likely remain unrivaled for generations. He joined the African Development Bank and eventually became its President. Subsequently, he joined the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and served as its Director for Africa before becoming the Special Advisor to the Managing Director of the IMF. That was Goodall – consistently pushing himself to the pinnacle of achievement. What a global icon Malawi has lost.

As a patriot

No matter how far he went, Goodall always returned home. East or West, home was where his heart lay. After completing his education in London and establishing an illustrious international career as an accomplished economist, Goodall came back to his homeland to serve. A few days ago, Goodall returned home to be with the Lord. His unmatched patriotism shines through.

A family man

Goodall was a loving and exemplary husband and father. His family’s achievements speak volumes. His beloved wife, children, and siblings all stand as a testament to his legacy. He was a pillar of the Kayiwonanga Clan, and his loss is deeply felt by his family.

As a Minister of Finance

Who could match Goodall’s achievements in this role? No one. The impact he had on our economy will resonate for generations, and his shoes will remain impossible to fill. He was arguably the best steward of public funds and our national treasury. Goodall secured debt cancellation for Malawi even after the deadline had passed. He nurtured our economy, propelling it to become the second fastest-growing in the world after Qatar. His fellow finance ministers across Africa were impressed by his accomplishments, electing him the best Finance Minister on the continent. What a remarkable feat. The economy recognized Goodall’s voice. When he spoke, the economy listened. He stabilized the currency, tamed inflation to single digits twice, down from 30%. He established import cover for fuel, forex, medicine, and other essentials at over six months. As a nation, we are saying goodbye to this exceptional greatness. We mourn the loss of a cornerstone of our economy.

As a politician

Goodall was a highly regarded politician, respected across party lines. He engaged with politicians from all sides, captivating and impressing even those who disagreed with his politics. When he spoke, adversaries in his political faction applauded his wisdom and conciseness. The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) gained a valuable asset in Goodall. With his passing, the Democratic Progressive Party faces a great loss.

With heavy hearts, we prepare to lay this greatness to rest. A non-designated President Malawi has ever seen. May his soul rest in peace.