Kuli Fumbi: Amapiano unites Gwamba, Njuchi


Legendary hip-hop artist Gwamba, real name Duncan Zgambo, has released his first song of the year, ‘Fumbi’ in which he has featured Dancehall specialist Eli Njuchi.

In the new song which has been released on Thursday, the ‘Chichewa Landlord’ as fondly called by his fans, talks of how big he is a type of an artist in the Malawian music circle.

Gwamba who was crowned Greatest of All Times (GOAT) by his fans together with rave of the moment Njuchi, appreciates how they are loved by their fans especially during music shows.

“Kuyambira 25 mpaka 49, kwa Mgona kwa Senti ku Nchesi mpaka Biwi koseko amandikonda/Mfana wa mu 25, wa Dubai kwa Mgona kwa Cent, Ku Nchesi mpaka Biwi koseko amandikonda,” Gwamba in an opener brags about how he is loved in ghetto areas.

The masterpiece whose audio has been crafted by renowned producer Tricky Beats, saw the Chichewa landlord sounding boastful as he claims to be the reason for unstoppable dust at most music shows.

The ‘Ndidikira’ hitmaker adds that the fact that he is always the last performing act at various music shows, signifies how big he is in the country’s music industry.

“Ngati kuli show mbizo ali konko/ akangoimba ndekuti yathera pompo/Mafana onse omwe anabera style ndiyamba kulipilitsa nsonkho/Kuyamba 8 cha pa Chester/pano Golf Club ija timakhometsa/Anthu kudabwa eee ambilife sukulu nje, nanga bwanji mmachongetsa/Ndikavaya BT Ndix, ndili pa mtima pawo vix/Ndikalowa Mzuzu Chibabvi, mafana kundikanganirana ngati mjabvi,” sings Gwamba.

Meanwhile, the song has really attracted ‘fumbi’ as there are mixed reactions on whether it is a bomb or just trash.

Some comments on social media platforms say the well arranged instruments which led to the song’s enchanting melody, has done the GOAT some injustice claiming throughout the song, he was off beat.

“Dear Gwamba, on behalf of all your top fans who really appreciate your art, ase track ya fumbi ija mwapala plz yesesani kutibwelesera nyimbo zoti tikamati inuyo ndi a G.O.A.T athu azimvesa. Zikomo,” wrote one Facebook user.

On the other hand, some people claims Njuchi is the one who has mesmerised the song.

In the first 16 hours of its birth, ‘fumbi’ video which has been directed by Animal Lab Productions, registered 75 thousand views on YouTube.