Zambia Women Football Team wow children in Rototuna

World Cup

The Zambia Women’s National Football Team, also known as the Copper Queens, organized a training session at Korikori Park in Rototuna, where they invited pupils from Rototuna High School and Silverdale Normal School to observe the open session.

The one-hour training was followed by a 30-minute interaction session with the pupils, which involved activities like signing autographs, a quiz, song and dance performances, warm-up exercises, and ball sessions with the World Cup squad.

As the Copper Queens prepared for their 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup Group C campaign, set to begin on 22 July with a match against Japan, they won the hearts of the pupils. The young audience chanted Copper Queens and Zambia slogans as they watched the team train.

Nesra Wale, a teacher from Silverdale Normal School, expressed gratitude to the Copper Queens for welcoming the pupils to the training.

“It’s a bit awkward timing because today is the first day back to school. So, a lot of them were messaging me during the holiday and asking ‘Hey, is it still on?’ It is a really good opportunity for them to see the Women’s World Cup training and to know that they can participate in this level where they travel the world,” said Wale.

One of the pupils, Rebekah Lawrence, conveyed her excitement and appreciation to the team, mentioning that she would be in the stands at Waikato Stadium to cheer them on during their matches. The warm reception from the Copper Queens left a lasting impression on the young fans.

Copper Queens captain, Barbra Banda, expressed her joy in sharing traditional songs and dances with the ever-smiling pupils. Their encouragement and support motivated the team as they prepared to compete in their debut World Cup.