University student sentenced to 18 months in jail for attempting suicide


A 32-year-old university student in Ntcheu has been ordered to pay K80,000 fine or in default to serve 18 months in prison for attempting to commit suicide.

Ntcheu Police Spokesperson Rabecca Ndiwate has identified the man as Kondwani Banda.

According to Ndiwate, the Ntcheu First Grade Magistrate heard from state prosecutor Kawait Chiona that Banda attempted suicide earlier this month.

On 9 July this year, Banda was accused of stealing a chicken belonging to his grandmother and community members chased him out of his grandmother’s house.

He returned on 12 July and on the same day he hanged himself behind the house but was rescued by community members and taken to hospital.

In court, Banda pleaded guilty to the charge of attempting suicide and he was convicted.

He asked the court to be lenient considering that he is a university student.

However, First Grade Magistrate Chimdima Phiri said Banda was supposed to seek advice from other people instead of rushing to attempt suicide.

Phiri then ordered Banda to pay the fine or serve 18 months in prison.