10,000 Cyclone Freddy survivors receive replacement National IDs

Mphatso Sambo Principal Secretary for NRB

National Registration Bureau (NRB) says that about 10,000 people who were affected by Cyclone Freddy in the southern region of Malawi have received replacement National Identity Cards.

This comes as NRB some months ago disclosed that it will print and distribute new National IDs to people who lost their documents during floods and mudslides induced by Cyclone Freddy earlier this year.

Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Homeland Security, responsible for NRB, Mphatso Sambo said that NRB in collaboration with Department of Disaster Management Affairs (DODMA) decided to print and distribute the National IDs with the aim of making it easier for people to get social assistance in places like hospitals, banks and other places.

According to Sambo, people from Blantyre, Mulanje, Phalombe and others districts that were affected by Cyclone Freddy have received their new National IDs.

Over 500,000 Malawians lost their property following the floods that hit several districts in the Southern Region in March this year.

There were concerns over the loss of National IDs which are used for accessing social welfare programs such as the Affordable Inputs Program and Social Cash Transfer Program.

Recently, Malawi Electoral Commission also informed Malawians that under new electoral laws, people will only be registered as voters if the present their National IDs.