RFA begins process to construct three tollgates


Roads Fund Administration (RFA) says processes are underway for the construction of three tollgates and currently there are plans to give compensation to people that will be affected by the projects in Salima, Mchinji and Mzimba.

This comes as RFA has disclosed its intention of constructing 15 tollgates in the country by the year 2027.

Spokesperson for RFA, Masauko Ngwaluko, said that consultants have already produced designs for the two tollgates at Mkonkha and Naluva in Salima and they are waiting for the Roads Authority to finalise the procurement of contractors so that once they’re ready they can mobilize and start working.

Ngwaluko added that RFA will soon start giving compensation money to the people who will be affected by the project at Nalova and Nkokha in Salima.

He added that RFA as of now cannot disclose the amount of money meant for this projects. However, last year, the RFA said K7 billion would be used to construct the tollgates.

According to Ngwaluko, RFA will not use the money collected from already existing tollgates at Kalinyeke in Dedza and Chingeni in Balaka, since the purpose of this collection is to be used in maintenance of the roads that the tollgates were constructed on.