Blantyre kids shoot Wikise’s ‘Male’ video


Two kids from Blantyre have taken the social media by storm after their captivating video for Wikise’s ‘Male’ hit went viral.

The two kids, Miracle and Faith, who are from Bangwe township in the commercial city have shot a music video of celebrated musicians Wikise and Don Kalonga’s ‘Male’ hit which has won hearts on YouTube and TikTok.

In the eye-catching video which has been directed by FireBoys Creative, Miracle is visibly expressing love feelings to Faith who later said yes and a love affair began after she was forsaken by an ex-lover.

Meanwhile, the piece which is a true reflection of the yet to come ‘Male’ hit official video, registered over 20 thousand views on YouTube and over 36 thousand views on TikTok within the first 24 hours.

While commending the kids for a perfect video of his song, Wikise who was born Frank Chawinga, said the acts proves that his banger, ‘Male’ has been loved by all ages and further says it is a challenge to the yet to come official music video.

However, the Uli nzingati hit maker was quick to mention that Miracle and Faith’s video will not pressure him to release the official music video saying he has to prepare so that the official video should match the great heights of the audio.

“When we talk of releasing a beautiful music video, we are talking of money. It is not a thing that should be rushed to. Quality video projects require extensive planning and ideas,” said Wikise.

Miracle and Faith came onto limelight after doing a similar video of Patience Namadingo’s Mapulani song back in 2020.