“The Neo-Colonial Project is Alive”: Professor PLO Lumumba Exposes the New Scramble for Africa

Professor PLO Lumumba's Eye-Opening Revelations about the New Scramble for Africa

Renowned Pan-Africanist and legal scholar, Professor PLO Lumumba, has ignited a passionate discourse on the subject of neo-colonialism in Africa. In a captivating video released recently, Lumumba reveals the hidden agenda of the West and exposes their tactics of interference and resource exploitation across the continent. This eye-opening revelation sheds light on the urgent need for Africa to assert its independence and pursue a united pan-African leadership.

Training African Militaries:

One of the tactics employed by the West, as divulged by Lumumba, is the training of African militaries at prestigious institutions such as West Point (United States) and Sandhurst (United Kingdom). This training, Lumumba argues, serves as a means of shaping the thinking and operations of African military personnel, effectively establishing a mechanism of control.

Condescension towards African Leaders:

Lumumba does not shy away from highlighting the disrespectful treatment African leaders face at the hands of Western ambassadors. He emphasizes how condescension is employed as a tool to undermine the authority and dignity of African leaders, perpetuating a power dynamic that favors external interests.

Dollarization and IMF Control:

The economic infrastructure of African nations is not exempt from Western interference. Lumumba points out the use of dollarization and institutions like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as agents of control. By exerting influence over African economies, Western powers maintain leverage and ensure the perpetuation of dependency.

NGOs as Trojan Horses:

Another crucial aspect Lumumba uncovers is the role of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) as Trojan horses, infiltrating African institutions to serve the interests of Western powers. These NGOs, Lumumba asserts, are often funded and influenced by foreign entities, disguising their true intentions behind the facade of humanitarian work.

PLO Lumumba: The Neo-Colonial Project is Alive and Well, and at Its Most Dangerous Stage

United Pan-African Leadership:

In his impassioned discourse, Lumumba stresses the need for a united pan-African leadership to salvage the continent from the clutches of neo-colonialism. He draws inspiration from the words of Kwame Nkrumah, emphasizing the significance of unity in dismantling the oppressive systems that have plagued Africa for far too long.


Professor PLO Lumumba’s revelations have sparked a much-needed conversation about the hidden agenda of neo-colonialism in Africa. His insightful analysis of the West’s tactics to interfere and exploit African countries serves as a rallying cry for Africa’s liberation. It is time to stand against neo-colonialism, reclaim Africa’s independence, and forge a future where the continent’s resources benefit its own people.

To join the movement for Africa’s liberation, watch the thought-provoking video by Professor PLO Lumumba and engage in the discourse.