Malawi is not poor — says Muluzi


Former United Democratic Front (UDF) President Atupele Muluzi says Malawi can develop within 10 years but what is needed is for the country to have good leaders with a good vision for the country.

Muluzi said this on Sunday in Mzuzu Chibavi ground where the UDF party held the rally.

He claimed that Malawi is a rich a country.

“The message today is that Malawi is at a time of a new beginning where we can begin to change our story as a nation and that is a choice that Malawians have by looking at the next elections and I wanted to emphasize one point that Malawi is a very rich country because God has blessed this country with huge bundles of natural resources, we have forestry, minerals, oil and gas potential, labour force, water that we can do agriculture. There is no reason why Malawi should be at the bottom of the three poorest countries in Africa.

“The challenge is that we are not finding solutions, the role of leadership is to find solutions and I believe that we have strategies that allow us to jump where Malawi within 10 years can reach middle income level,” said Muluzi.

In her remarks, party president Lilian Patel asked youths to register for National Identity cards in order to vote in the next elections

“Youths are almost 65 percent of the population and they can change things,” said Patel.

The rally was part of the 30th anniversary celebrations of the party which was established in 1993 by Former Malawi President Dr Bakili Muluzi and was the first ruling party after the introduction of multiparty in 1994.

The party held similar celebrations in Blantyre and Lilongwe.

Other notable figures in attendance included Inkosi Kampingo Sibande of Mzimba District and politician Ken Ndanga.

It was spiced up by musical performance by renowned musician Skeffa Chimoto.