Nigerian Prophet Tells African Leaders To Boycott IMF, Foreign Aid


The leader of the INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele, has praised the President of Kenya, William Ruto, for his presentation at the recently concluded “Summit for a New Global Financing Pact” held in Paris, France.

During the summit, President Ruto strongly criticized the unfair lending system and called for better treatment of the African continent by the West. He also advocated for African nations to trade using their own currencies instead of relying on the US dollar.

In a statement from his media office, Primate Ayodele described Ruto as the “messiah” of the African continent, highlighting how many presidents have “mortgaged” their countries due to a lack of vision and a reluctance to leave their positions.

He explained that the continent has been “enslaved” and “deceived” by foreign organizations like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and foreign countries, especially the United States of America (USA).

Primate Ayodele advised African countries to boycott the IMF and foreign aid, asserting that the continent has the necessary resources to thrive. Instead of begging foreign organizations, he urged them to adopt a unified currency in Africa and stop relying on the US dollar for trade. He emphasized that foreign organizations are detrimental to Africa, as they are undermining the continent and introducing “ungodly practices.”

“William Ruto of Kenya will be the messiah for every other country on the continent,” Primate Ayodele said. “Other presidents have mortgaged their country and they don’t understand. They have ruled the government for over 40 years. Such leaders cannot lead, and God is displeased with African leaders.”

“We possess natural resources, yet we beg these people for nothing. How long will we continue to beg? Either they listen now or Africa will face an economic and political revolution. These organizations are killing Africa and trying to introduce ungodly practices. Africa is blessed; let us reject IMF loans and establish a unified currency and an African central bank. Africa is blessed, but these people want to destroy it and the future of our youth. Why do we allow it?”

Primate Ayodele also pointed out the poor democratic system of government in Africa as a major issue. He emphasized that for Africa to progress, democracy must flourish in selecting leaders so that the voice of the people can prevail. He assured that Africa can thrive independently if its presidents are intentional about it.

“African leaders are the problems of the continent; we must stop this,” Primate Ayodele said. “We can change the mentality of our democracy and eliminate rigging so that the voice of the people can prevail. White people are not the best for Africa; they introduced same-sex marriage and corruption. Some novel viruses also originated from them.”

“We are in a dire situation in Africa; we need to rescue the continent. Our leaders should be responsible and stop seeking loans and assistance from the Western world. We can survive on our own without their help. Our lack of visionary leaders is our problem. We need young and vibrant presidents on the continent instead of those who have been in power for decades.”