Dingo Bites Tourist’s Bum: Unfortunate Incident at K’gari Beach


A new video has emerged, capturing the moment when a French woman was bitten on the buttocks by a dingo, a wild Australian canine species. The dingo involved in the incident has been subsequently killed by authorities. The incident occurred while the woman was sunbathing at a beach on K’gari Island, Australia.

The Queensland Department of Environment and Science has stated that the animal was “humanely euthanised” due to its involvement in several “high-risk” incidents. K’gari Island, home to approximately 200 wild dingoes, strictly prohibits feeding them, with heavy fines imposed on offenders.

According to a report by the BBC, another dingo was euthanised earlier this month following multiple attacks on the island.

In contrast, the Malawian authorities have yet to take action against two German Shepherds that brutally attacked a four-year-old boy in Lilongwe. The dogs also injured the boy’s mother and seven-year-old brother. There is currently no update regarding the fate of these dogs from the Malawi Police or veterinary authorities.