The Sad Loss of 187.5 Billion Malawi Kwacha at Reserve Bank of Malawi

Reserve Bank of Malawi

This is the story behind the Dubai women amateur scamming! You may recall the Blantyre hoax where we were made to believe that the Malawi Police foiled a bank robbery in a fierce gunfire exchange. All five suspects were shot in the same area, but we were told that they were treated as outpatients! Nobody knows exactly how it ended.

Who will respond to such serious questions? Good answers must be provided. Unfortunately, we are under a government that thinks, behaves, and resembles a mafia state.

However, on the other hand, this government is way below mafias because they are not smart, neither are they sophisticated, but very careless in everything they do. They are simply comedians! Or should we call them a circus show?

God must rescue Malawi from the vultures of corruption, but it begins with the citizens themselves. There is just too much government corruption, and one wonders the criteria that were used to award the President for fighting corruption because there’s no good fight at all. I think Malawians have been left behind in following how the Malawi government is fighting corruption, but they do follow. Obviously, organizations giving awards to President Chakwera for the fight against corruption have been left behind on what is really happening on the ground.

I sometimes have problems with the perceptions of some organizations and how they comment about African leadership, corruption, and so forth. They tend to take the opposite direction in their findings sometimes, like in this case of fighting government corruption in Malawi, which is totally a gesture of fake appreciation.

Some western countries and organizations tend to show Africans that they understand African affairs much better than the Africans and the owners of the land. I believe this is always a deliberate move to shift the attention of the citizenry. How on earth would President Chakwera be commended for a better fight against corruption? In all fairness, this is another kind of corruption in favor of leaders who fail to fight corruption.

Looking critically at the scenes taking place, this government is even less than a theatre of comedians. They are habitual thieves, who steal from church collections, wedding, and funeral functions. They are looting everything standing in their way, from COVID-19 funds to the AIP fertilizer program. From cyclone Freddy donations to ADMARC maize and even hospital drugs.

They will steal even “mafuwa a moto” just for the love of theft. They have been bewitched to steal everything all day, every day. There’s a great disadvantage when a political party stays out of power for too long; they become hungry hyenas who won’t stop stealing anything within their reach using their numbers.

Well, put. Imagine 187 billion in a year? Heartless people literally sharing money like mangoes? Then why do we have to continue paying the Tonse Alliance Government? We have to stop paying this non-performing government because the incompetence is just too much.

Reserve Bank of Malawi in Lilongwe

The Tonse Alliance Government is corrupt to the core. They are dangerously corrupt, and everything is crumbling down to the ground. This country will come to a standstill.

Can you imagine this? In the 2020/2021 growing season, the Tonse Alliance Government pretended there were network challenges. Poor farmers struggled to access the Agricultural Inputs Program (AIP), and the majority of people didn’t access the items.

The second time was in the 2021/2022 growing season when the government pretended that the computers were showing that farmers had already taken fertilizer when they hadn’t. This was the second slap in the face of the citizens of this country.

The third time was in the 2022/2023 growing season when the Tonse Alliance Government, without any shame, claimed that the money for AIP was paid to the wrong suppliers and ended up in a butchery in the UK.

Finally, at the present moment in the 2023/2024 growing season, wrong suppliers who happen to be a pharmacy, a company that doesn’t manufacture nor deal in the fertilizer business, had been dubiously contacted by the government, without following procurement procedures, to supply 600,000 metric tons of fertilizer to Malawi. Isn’t this enough insult and injury to the people of Malawi?

The government cannot make the same blunder in a row for years concurrently. This is a well-calculated move by the government to steal and make this nation look mercilessly stupid and poor like fools.

But why, of all the things, did they decide to play with food security? That’s where a lot of money is spent. I think leadership is seriously at stake here.

Unfortunately, most of the human rights groups in the country have gone to bed when Malawians are on the verge of dying from curable diseases and man-made hunger. What’s wrong with our human rights organizations? Many of them are corrupt too! So they have chosen to keep quiet and do nothing.