Sparc chief Phiri welcomes ICT award


Malawi’ leading ICT provider Sparc Systems Limited Managing Director Wisely Phiri says the latest ICT firm of the year award is a clear testimony of the many solutions the company is offering across Africa.

On 18 May, The ICT Association of Malawi(ICTAM) held an annual corporate awards at BICC in Lilongwe, where several ICT companies walked away with different awards.

Speaking after scooping the biggest award of the day, Phiri said his company is behind most of the innovations in the ICT sector in the country.

“This is a testament to the many solutions Sparc is offering across the continent. Our solutions are behind 80 percent of the banks in Malawi and all the major telecommunications companies, amongst other industries. We are the ICT experts behind most of the innovations in the country,” he said.

He also added: “Sparc has been a leading ICT company across Africa for some years. We have done a number of in-house innovations that have earned a number of awards before. We are proud to be awarded the Best ICT Firm for the year 2023 by ICT Association of Malawi. I should also mention that this is the second time we have gotten this award, having gotten it again in 2019.”

Phiri said the secret behind the recognition is the ability to come up with several innovations that have made it possible for companies to serve their customers better.

“We have been working on a number of innovations. We offer customer tailored solutions to help business serve better their customers through ICT. Our solutions are cross cutting; from ICT infrastructure, software development, cyber security, to ICT training. We are also an exam center offering various certifications in the ICT sector,” he continued.

He further revealed that his company is working on a number of innovations to continue offering better ICT services on local and international markets.

“We have a number of innovations that we are working on. Currently, we have put on the market seven various software innovations including the award winning Mental Lab, a mental health application, the Students Academic Record Information Systems (SARIS), DOMASO, a Document Management Software that help our customer in digitization and archiving of documents.

“We also have the HR system development by our engineers. These are just some of the innovations that we already have. We also have customer tailored solutions for Customer Relationship Management amongst others. These are just some of the innovations, and we have a number of the currently on the market,” he revealed.

However, despite all the successes on the ICT market, Phiri was also quick to highlight some of the challenges his company is facing and solutions to the problems encountered.

“Some of the challenges we are facing include lack of government support for local innovators. But, challenges are what inpire more innovations. We will keep on innovating to solve specific problems which our customers meet.

“Like I said during the function, the sector hasn’t had much support from the government. For explanation incentives that apply to other sectors, do not apply to the ICT sector. Yet in the digital economy, and when we expect Malawi to be self-reliant under Malawi Vision 2063, ICT is supposed to be the main driver of change. Investing in ICT from the private sector is not promoted or recognized,” he concluded.

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