SRWB shuts down water supply in Zomba City


Southern Region Water Board (SRWB) has announced emergency shutdown of main treatment plant for three to four days following theft of anchor straps on water pipes between Mulunguzi Dam and main water treatment plant.

SRWB Director of Operation, Engineer, Tisungane Kapalamula disclosed this during a media tour of the site where the anchor straps have been stolen.

Engineer Kapalamula said that he received reports Thursday of turbid water in the water supply line to treatment site.

This compelled SRWB to close main pipe from Mulunguzi Dam, according to the Director of Operations.

He, however, assured residents in Zomba that water supply will resume in the next three to fours days as a contractor is on the site to restore stolen anchor straps

Engineer Kapalamula further disclosed that SRWB will engage Malawi Defence Force water bowsers plus other bowsers from Blantyre that will supply water to residents in the city in the next three to four days.

He therefore condemned theft of water equipment and has since called on the general public to report to police anyone selling water equipment similar to those of SRWB.

“We regret to announce the shut down of our main treatment plant but we assure our customers that we will try our best to resume supply of water as soon as possible,” Engineer Kapalamula added.

In the meantime, police in Zomba have visited the site where the theft of anchor straps took place.

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