South African law enforcement officials in Malawi for Bushiri case


Prosecutors and investigators from South Africa have arrived in Malawi to take part in the extradition hearing Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and Mary Bushiri.

According to a statement issued by South Africa’s Ministry of Justice and Correctional Services, the officials include senior and experienced prosecutors from the National Prosecuting Authority(NPA), the Investigative Directorate and investigators from South African Police Service.

The officials are expected to appear as witnesses in the extradition case which is expected back in court on May 30.

Correctional Services Department spokesperson Chrispin Phiri says in the statement that: “On the 13th of February 2023, the Malawi High Court in its judgment indicated that section 6 of the Extradition Act of Malawi clarified that the witnesses or relevant witnesses to a preliminary inquiry/extradition hearing are those witnesses who will be able to answer and convince the Court conducting the inquiry on section 6 of the Malawi Extradition Act.”

Bushiri and his wife Mary were charged in South Africa in 2020 with fraud, theft, and money laundering.

While on bail, they fled to Malawi, claiming they wouldn’t get a fair trial in South Africa.

The Government of South Africa wants them extradited to the rainbow nation to answer their charges but the Bushiris are fighting against the extradition.

In February this year, the High Court in Lilongwe ordered the state to bring to South African witnesses to Malawi to testify before court in the case.

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