Govt encourages people to get Covid-19 vaccine


Government through the Ministry of Health has encouraged people in the country to get Covid-19 vaccine as cases of the virus may continue to be registered .

The statement has been made by Acting Deputy Director for Preventive Health Services responsible for Health Education Services in the Ministry of Health Mabvuto Thomas on Friday during Media Science Cafe which was conducted by Journalists Association Against AIDS in Lilongwe.

Speaking with reporters, Thomas said that despite the fact that World Health Organization (WHO) recently released a press statement that Covid-19 is no longer public health concern, people should be aware that chances are there that the cases can continue be registered as such it is important to advice Malawians not be relaxed but to continue getting the vaccine.

He added that the country should be focusing and be prepared for pandemics by ensuring that the communities are still getting the vaccine.

“We still have Covid with us , we don’t know whether maybe the virus might affect a lot of people because if people are not vaccinated we may have another outbreak. So we still have to be careful and be assured that our people are vaccinated.

“We also need to have a strong health system whereby we should be able prepared for the coming pandemics,” he explained.

On his part, Programme Manager for Journalists Association Against AIDS Dingaan Mithi said that there is a need to continue with public awareness and civic education because Covid-19 is still a treat to the country.

Mithi stressed on the for transparency and accountability of funds allocated for Covid-19 to ensure that it used for intended purpose.

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