Malawi Police bust fake money operation in Nsanje


Police in Nsanje raided a house where fake K5000 and K2000 banknotes as well as fake certificates were being printed.

The operation followed the arrest of a 48-year-old man Charles Kuleti who attempted to make a mobile money transaction using fake K5000 banknotes.

The suspect attempted to deposit the money to a mobile money account through an agent in the district.

Equipment used for fake money printing

The district’s police spokesperson, Agnes Zalakoma, said police were alerted and they moved in to apprehend the suspect who was allegedly found with K5000 fake notes amounting to K250,000.00.

Zalakoma added the suspect led a team of officers to the house of an accomplice who allegedly gave the suspect the forged bank notes, but he was not found.

However, when Police searched in the house of the alleged accomplice they found K2000 banknotes amounting to K888,000.00 and K5000 notes amounting to K920,000 as well as forged MSCE certificates and a machine used to print the material.

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