Shocking: Wanderers’ Christopher Kumwembe defiance lands him in trouble


This can only happen in Malawian football: Mighty Wanderers’ striker, Christopher Kumwembe, defied all odds as he continued to play despite receiving two yellow cards in a remarkable turn of events.

Kumwembe’s astonishing defiance took place during the highly-anticipated Blantyre derby against Mighty Tigers at Chiwembe’s Mpira Stadium.

The shocking revelation sent shockwaves through the football community, prompting the Super League of Malawi (Sulom) to take decisive action based on undeniable evidence presented in a match assessor’s report and compelling video footage.

In response to this unprecedented situation, Sulom has activated Kumwembe’s red card, thereby ruling him out of the much-awaited showdown against Moyale Barracks. The statement released by Sulom reads, “Prepare for the absence of Mighty Mukuru Wanderers’ Christopher Kumwembe as his red card has been activated, following the match assessor’s report and video footage that clearly demonstrate his receipt of two yellow cards during the match against Mighty Tigers and Mighty Mukuru Wanderers on 7th May 2023 at Mpira Stadium.”

Initially, Kumwembe was included in the squad to face Moyale at Mzuzu Stadium this afternoon, but his indiscretion has cost him dearly as his team’s game this afternoon has ended in a goalless draw.