EGENCO says Kapichira restoration has cost K11 billion


Electricity Generation Company (EGENCO) says works to restore 129.6 megawatt Kapichira power Station in Chikwawa have cost K11 billion.

Kapichira Power Station suffered the effects of cyclone Ana in January last year which resulted into destruction of four machines and saw the country losing 129.6MW on the national grid.

The restoration works for the power station started last year soon after the incident and in April this year Egenco announced the resuscitation of three of the four machines at the power station, adding 97.2MW to the national grid.

On Wednesday this week, EGENCO announced to have fully restored Kapichira Power Station which contributes 129.6MW to the national grid.

In an interview with Malawi24, EGENCO public relations officer Moses Gwaza, revealed that the entire restoration works for the power station has costed the company K11 billion.

In a bid to provide efficient and excellent service delivery to Malawians, Gwaza said the company is planning to be sharing notes with other companies in the industry from across Africa.

“We are expecting to share notes with colleagues in the industry from across Africa. we will review progress made in the industry for the past year and also plan and review the plans for the year ahead.

“Its about having efficient and excellent delivery of service to our people in across Africa,” said Gwaza.

The development means electricity consumers in the country will continue enjoying stable power supply. Currently, some areas are in fourth week without a single hour of blackout.

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