I am sorry! Dan Lu apologizes to wife


Malawi Afro-pop music star Dan Lu has apologized to his wife, saying he did not sleep with Queen Sheba.

The afro-pop star has issued an apology to his wife Katerina Nzima through his Facebook Page.

Last week, Nzima posted on her Facebook account that she had had enough and was moving on, leading to speculation that she was leaving Dan Lu

“Not everything is worth fixing and fighting for. Time to move on. I tried,” she posted.

The post trailed rumours that Dan Lu had been going out with fellow musician Queen Sheba following several pictures of the two together.

However, Dan Lu has defended himself saying he has been doing a music project with Sheba and he does not have control over the contents of the video project.

“For you I would sacrifice anything,as your man my art is there to generate income for us.

“As a featured artist in a song or video, my control is very limited on lyrics or video direction chosen by the owner unlike my own projects.

“I sincerely apologize, for failure to communicate to you of this projects, and certain scenes in it which might be perceived wrongly,” he wrote.

He added that artists succeed by corroborating with various fellow artists locally internationally and globally and he was well paid for the project with Sheba hence he might have ignored other aspects likely to hurt his wife.

“We are stronger together, and this serves as a very big lesson to me to never let this happen again.

“As a married man I will try to engage you as much as possible on do’s and don’ts going forward,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, Dan Lu and Sheba are expected to release their collaboration titled ‘Ndilawitse’ tomorrow.

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