Temwah’s Controversial Remarks on Menopause Spark Outrage Among Women


Musician Temwah has come under fire for her comments on menopausal women, as her relationship with Zeze takes a wild turn. The backlash started following a tweet that claimed Temwah had exposed Zeze Kingston to the music industry with Mvetsela.

The tweet left Twitter Malawi deeply polarised.

The Ndili Kuti songstress retweeted it while Zeze quoted it, saying Mvetsela is Temwah’s “biggest” song in her catalog.

It was widely agreed that Zeze Kingston is one of the ‘veterans’ of ‘urban’ music in malawi, having been in the industry for nearly two decades. However, the onslaught widened.

Fighting over Zeze?

The gasoline to the fire was Dorothy Shonga, who then issued what others believed to be a series of sub-jabs aimed at Temwah.

“My advice is for you not to depress now, because you left saying the person wasn’t your type, class, level and vibes.

“My second advice is for you not to fight now because when it came out then, you said it was low standard, not up to your class, and you never liked anything about it.

“My third advice is for you not to stress because now he has found someone better than you who is above your class level and status. Issues of levels and class have no guarantee- today you’re up, tomorrow you’re down”, posted Ms Shonga who is popularly known as Cash Madam.

Dorothy Shonga and Zeze Kingstone claim to be dating. Therefore, it was unsurprising people were quick to jump on the Cash Madam’s post, insinuating that she was throwing shade at Temwah.

“For those who don’t get it: 1. To Temwa: you said Zeze isn’t your type and left him. 2. To Temwa: you said the song was low standard, never liked it (not sure though – lol) 3. To Temwa: Zeze has a woman better than you, that’s me,” tweeted Katswiri123.

However, Shonga also said, “To you Brother Bernard, when a woman buries you, don’t respond. Some fights aren’t worth fighting. Be civilized, stop dimming each other’s light! You can all shine collectively”. Katswiri claimed the Brother Bernard being referenced in the post is Zeze Kingston, the current partner of Cash Madam.

Temwah shared her own sub-tweets.

Koma sindingamalimbane ndi nzimayi otimenopause ikumuvuta [But I can’t fight a woman who is struggling with menopause”, scorned Temwah. The tweet drew the ire of people, who felt that Temwa had attacked a fellow woman over a biological undertaking that could not be changed.

Fellow musician, Tuno, who was once lambasted for saying men are now marrying ‘wh*res’, joined Zeze Kingston’s corner who she has just collaborated with.

The subs ended. Names started being called out. A bare-knuckle fight erupted.

“Ndiye mwati Menopause? Temwa awiliwo list yawo tilibe, koma vanu tilinayo. Tikungopepha enawo kuti mwana akabadwa akapange DNA test. Sinakha ndinu chakudya chagulu”. Dorothy Shonga, who described herself as the “proud mum of three”, responded on Facebook.

Temwah recently unveiled her boyfriend.

Shonga and Temwah’s Facebook posts and tweets have now been deleted.

Temwa has also issued an apology.

“Yesterday, I let emotions get the best of me, and I ended up attacking a fellow woman. Everything was blown out of proportion, and I take full responsibility for being part of it. I wish to apologize to you, my fans, and to Dorothy and Zeze. We can all win, and that’s what we will do, winning,” reads her apology.

However, she has warned Zeze Kingston to control his ends.

“A message to zeze Kingston let’s respect each other whilst we are all at peace, control your ends I’ll control mines too”

The future of Temwah and Zeze Kingston’s music relationship remains uncertain as it is not yet clear whether they will be able to salvage it. Despite having collaborated more than once in the past, their recent feud has left fans wondering if they will continue to work together in the future.

While Shonga has deleted her posts, she is yet to issue an apology.