Ma ring mukuveka ma h*le – Tuno under fire


Award-winning songstress-cum-model Tunosiwe Mwakalinga has come under fire for making claims that men are proposing to prostitute nowadays.

In a tweet which has now been deleted, Tuno said: “Koma ma ring mukuveka mahule guys (men, you are making marriage proposals to prostitutes)”

This, did not go well with some people on Twitter that they fired back with Thunder. Twitter user called Young MDonald asked Tuno as to why nobody is yet to propose to her yet she is also a prostitute.

“Ngati akuveka mahule iwe sakuveke bwa? (If men are making marriage proposals to prostitutes, how come nobody has approached you)?” Questioned McDonald

This irked the female vocalist to the extent that she attacked his mother. She responded, “Ndekuti sindili mugulu la mayako. Si nawonso anavekedwa (This means am not in the same category with your mum who has a ring on her finger “

Some quarters have advised the 2022 Maso Award winner for female artist of the year, to desist from attacking back her followers. They believe such a behaviour can ruin her music career.

Mwakalinga is one of the local female musicians who have been victims of cyberbullying.

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